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Add to this, the three CC Photograv 3 1 589bfdcm dragonflies, now black. I know a lot of you are bored to death of seeing three dragonflies again. So, this time I’ll add only one new photograph. Which one of the three photographs on the right above, is yours. It’s as easy as that. If you’re bored of the 3 dragonflies, you can write in your comment which one of the three photographs is yours. I’ll publish the answer in another post. And then I’ll start posting a new photograph. Simple as that. You see, I thought I’d solve your problem as quickly as possible. There is not much to tell about the postcard. It’s a quick visit to the zoo. Nothing more. It’s cheap and it’s easy. On the postcard I got the phrase: “I, that I may be better”. I’ll add the motto to the word Game of Life board below. The three photographs above have been downloaded. All three are now ready. Unfortunately, the photographs from the first two months have not been downloaded yet. These will appear in the next post. Today it is a video: Peter Hessel has, once again, provided us with some excellent illustration material. In a little over one hour he has given us thirty-five videos with impressive illustrations. The illustrations vary from sketchbook drawings, to ink illustrations, to watercolor, to cartoons, and to pen and ink. And the variety of illustrations is quite staggering. Peter Hessel’s art work can be found at and at his blog Peter Hessel’s Room. Peter Hessel has provided me with a video of his process of creating his illustrations. In this video, Peter Hessel shows us how he creates each image. The video shows us that Peter Hessel is a master in his art field. While Peter Hessel shows us how he creates each of his illustrations, this is not a complete description of how he works. Each of his videos shows us only a small part of his process. You see, while it’s tempting to describe the entire process of creating an illustration, it’s also very intimidating. As anyone who’s made one of his or her own illustrations will




Crack Photograv 3 1 589bfdcm narmar

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